Scotstown Prediction Quiz 2016

The Prediction Quiz is back PREDICTION QUIZ 2016

2015 was a fantastic sporting year for both club and county and will be fondly remembered for decades.

But as a new season of top class sporting events roll around the mind shifts to what 2016 has in store.

Can Monaghan win more silverware? Will Scotstown do back to back championships? Can they go a step further than last year? In fact, there’s 25 highly anticipated sporting events on this years list which you can have your say on here today.

And given that it’s an Olympic and Euro’s year, there’s added interest with plenty of Irish involvement.

So let’s get your predictions on record.

See if you can beat last year’s position…for some it shouldn’t be too hard.

Here’s how to play…

Option 1

Request a Sports Prediction Quiz Form from any club official or player and return it with your predictions and €10 entry fee.


Option 2

Print off your a Sports Prediction Quiz Form here

Scotstown-Prediction-Quiz 2016

and hand it into any club official or player with your €10 entry fee.


Option 3

Play online.

Download the excel version here…

Scotstown-Prediction-Quiz 2016

Fill in your answers and email it to

Pay your entry fee here

Notice: Deadline to submit predictions is 4th March 2016.

Prizes as follows:

1st – €500

2nd – €150

3rd – €100

Leading lady – €100